The word “performance” comprehends theatre, dance, physical theatre, Tanztheater etc. All the institutional, commercial and academic distinctions between these genres are, nowadays, bullshit!

Art needs lightness, presence, energy, awareness, randomness and pink crocodiles crossing the stage. Pathetic, conceptual, boring and heavy performances are bullshit!

Being queer is not enough to talk about gender.

Interdisciplinary, queer, gender focused, and antiracist performances are bullshit! Nowadays all performances must be interdisciplinary, queer, gender focused, antiracist and much more.

As an artist I take political, cultural and social responsibility for what I do. If I don’t, I am doing bullshit!

Being politically correct is bullshit!

Being, becoming, entering, embodying a character is bullshit! There is just the performer in a performative state.

Nothing represents nothing. Symbols are bullshit!

Art without research is bullshit!

Research without art is bullshit!

Bullshit is not bullshit!

Luigi Guerrieri, January 2020